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Specialty Pipes are employed in several sectors and usually fit custom parts with tight tolerances. Smooth materials are, ensured by niche paper, for example glassine paper or poly paper on Specialty Paper Tubes. Niche pipes that are other might require even a affordable paper die-cut or a slit. An interface tube, found in audio equipment, is a widespread Niche Tv that will require a kraft exterior cover plus a flat-black inside ship. The “star” crimped carpet core place may be the hottest addition to Spiral Report Pipe & Primaryis distinct Specialty Capsules – it was custom designed so the “star” crimped end could be injected into both ends of a 12 foot carpeting core, maintaining the plastic-wrapped round the rug throw guaranteed. Roughly lead-time: 10 business days, plus shipping. Go here to get a custom estimate. Minimum Inside Height Maximum Inside Height Inside Diameter Tolerance Outside Diameter Tolerance Saw Cut Tolerance Blade Cut Tolerance