We offer single tier cakes in 5 sizes (4″ for $20, 6″ for $30, 9″ for $40, 10″ for $50 and 12″ for $60). We believe in simplicity <3.

All cakes are two layers, covered in buttercream (fully, partial or naked) and decorated in your choice of flowers (must be delivered to us the day before)

Dessert Table (prices very)- Cupcakes, cookies, linzers, shortbread, bars, macarons, etc.

Rental ($25) – Choice of three options

Set up & Delivery ($50)

If you would like to proceed, fill out the questionnaire below including availability for a complimentary tasting with your choice of 3 flavors. We’ll let you know if your date is available and then proceed to scheduling your tasting!

All tastings are pick up at this time and will be paired with a google doc (sent via email) for you both to fill out regarding venue, delivery options, rental options, cake and dessert options, etc. Once filled out, we will discuss further!


The Happy Couple

The Big Day

The Tasting

Let’s pick a date for your complimentary cake tasting! What days of the week and times works best for you? Give us a few options.
Popular flavors include almond/raspberry, lemon/lavender, classic vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/espresso or mint, etc. Possibilities are endless!

The Boring Stuff

Why check the box? We wouldn't dream of doing anything mean with your beautiful personal data, but the legal fairies said we have to get your permission to send this form to us through the magic of the internet, otherwise they will disapprove and be so very sad. So please, pretty please, with sprinkles on top, click that little magic box and lets start talking about your perfect wedding cake.